Welcome to the Village of


Peaceful Oasis of the Prairies

Situated conveniently just south of the junction of highways 5 & 2, Meacham is a safe, quiet bedroom community nestled in the rolling hills of East Central Saskatchewan. Centrally located within a 45 minute drive of Watrous, Wakaw Lake, Humboldt and Saskatoon; and the nearby potash mines at Colonsay, Lanigan, and Allan. We are a village with a diverse population and economy, a rural community surrounded by agriculture, with a population of 100 and growing, and access to school in Viscount with bus service. Thanks to responsible government; our village, despite its small size, has enjoyed continued stability, quality of life, community spirit, arts, gardening, scenery, and wildlife.


In the summer of 1910, Meacham was no more than prairie and surveyor spikes. The Grand Trunk Railway built the rail line into Meacham station from Young beginning in 1910, and by 1911 businessmen were making their way to Meacham. The village was incorporated on June 19, 1912, experiencing expansion until being devastated by the droughts of the 1930’s. The strength and resiliency of the locals kept Meacham alive; and to this day, the village thrives on the tenacity and spirit of its citizens.

Community Hall

The Meacham Community Hall serves many functions for the village. Birthday, wedding, and anniversary celebrations often bring out the entire village to dance, eat and celebrate together. It serves as a home for many Recreation Board activities, including weekly ice cream socials in the summer months. The village fall lunch at the hall brings in neighbors from around east central Saskatchewan. Last, but certainly not least, the hall serves as our functioning emergency shelter.

Art & Theatre

Meacham is home to several artists, galleries, and even a full-facility indoor/outdoor dinner theatre.

Reverse Osmosis Water

The Village of Meacham boasts an incredibly reliable well with full reverse osmosis system! This means clean, safe water to drink and wash with; without the need for home water softening systems or treatments. Water is tested twice daily and is reported on at monthly council meetings.