Our strength is our People


Recreation Board

Our extremely dedicated Recreation Board works tirelessly year round to raise money, create events, and engage in community projects that bring a great deal of life and joy to our village. Ice cream nights in the summer make for a wonderful town social; and our annual Duck Derby is the crown jewel of their hard work. Our Rec. Board is another shining example of what makes Meacham such a great community and anyone interested in volunteering can contact meachamrecboard@gmail.com.

Historical Society

On April 8th, 2008 the Meacham Historic and Cultural Society was formed and has been registered as a non-profit organization in the Province of Saskatchewan. With an independent board of directors, it currently operates the Meacham and District Museum and organizes events that serve the organization’s mandate.

Volunteer Firefighters

The village of Meacham boasts an experienced volunteer firefighter team and three medical first responders. Our zone may be quiet, but our two fire trucks are always ready to assist our community. The team is happy to be called upon to bartend for functions at the Community Hall, and our individual members can often be found around town helping a neighbor in need. Meetings are the first and third Wednesday of the month, and potential recruits are always welcome to contact meachamfd@gmail.com for more information.