Meacham Real Estate

Meacham is a wonderful village with a strong heritage and friendly neighbors. We have top quality water; reliable power, cellular service and internet, and a peaceful country atmosphere. Groceries and SGI are only 15 minutes down the road in Colonsay. Fuel is available 24/7/365 at the Meacham Co-Op; as well as a variety of basic home supplies. Meacham enjoys low property taxes, wide open spaces, little to no highway noise, and a very business-friendly atmosphere. Highways 16, 5, and 2 are among the first highways to get plowed in the Saskatoon area; and our town plow contract ensures clear roads, all year long.

Come out to Meacham, and have a look around. View the lots, stop in at the town office and ask about them. Our friendly and knowledgeable town clerk can provide a great deal of information about the lots currently for sale. You can then send your offer, including as much information and detail as possible about your plans for the property, to [email protected]

Lot #0110110

Lot #1101101

205 1st Ave, Meacham

120 3rd Ave, Meacham

118 2nd Ave, Meacham

205 3rd Ave, Meacham

222 Main St, Meacham

106 3rd Ave, Meacham

Three Corner Lots with Garage

To have your property listed or for any changes in information, please email [email protected]