The Meacham Historic and Cultural Society

On April 8th, 2008 the Meacham Historic and Cultural Society was formed and has been registered as a non-profit organization in the Province of Saskatchewan. With an independent board of directors, it currently operates the Meacham and District Museum, hosts the annual Father's Day Show and Shine (Car Show) and organizes events that serve the organization's mandate.

Meacham - Community

Proud history worthy of recognition.

Meacham is a community like other small communities with a proud history worthy of recognition, display and celebration. What is a bit different is the diverse and interesting mix of ethnic backgrounds and the mix of people in general. It is located about 65 kilometers east of Saskatoon. Meacham has been documented by CVC and other TV stations because of it's past and recent history as a community that has re-invented itself.

Rich Ethinic diversity.

Culturally there is a rich mix of ethinic diversity. Ukrainian, English, French, German, Norwegian, and those of British ancestory make up the primary ethnic groups with some recent newcomers from China and Africa. 50% of our population is based in agriculture or community service business and 50% is in the arts. We have a Professional Dinner Theatre, 4 Pottery and Ceramics businesses, a lovely gift shop with tea, linens, art works and antiques, several very talented musicians and a wide range of other interesting community groups that have evolved over the years.


The mandate of the society is to preserve, protect and enhance Meacham's history and culture and to promote Meacham as a destination for visitors. Through our society events, we aim to:

        1. preserve, maintain and share our history, community pride and unique culture;

        2. provide historic/culturally relevant activities and information for the community;

        3. generate revenue from our events to meet our organizational needs; and

        4. where possible, partner and share resources with other community groups.


The Meacham Historic and Cultural Society operates with an open membership and we invite anyone interested to join and be part of it, either as one of the organizers or as a volunteer on any of the projects and activities that take place.

It is our intention to work collaboratively with all other groups in the community and district and particularly with the Village Council and RM.

Our board and members are encouraged to attend and help with other group's events (such as Recreation Board activities) as private individuals as well as volunteering on behalf of the Historic and Cultural Society on our own events and activities.

Executive Committee:

The current executive committee is as follows:

         Chair: Tony Poncelet
         Vice Chair: Flo Frank
         Secretary - June Vogelgesang
         Treasure - Len Vogelgesang
         Museum Liaison: Nola McLaren - Lorri Polischuk

Museum Overview

to maintain a strong multi-ethnic and multi-cultural presence in Meacham that celebrates the past, the present and the future through a museum and a wide range of historic and cultural community events. To create a model for Saskatchewan that demonstrates ways to do things differently and involve all generations and all sectors.

The Meacham Museum's purpose is to gather and show (in a multi-dimensional way) the stories, the history and the changes that have taken place in Meacham and surrounding area over the years. This centre is somewhat unique in that it we consider it to be a living breathing history in the making. The Museum/Cultural Centre is a vehicle to bring community together, to invite the public to be part of it and to keep up with the times.

Primary Functions and Scope

The museum offers a number of interesting experiences, including:

         1. A small but impressive multi media museum with over 300 artifacts, changing exhibits, hands on demonstrations, travelling capability for schools and senior centers, an AV studio (to capture stories using very good technology) a TV screen mini-theatre area and an inviting setting with a fireplace around which people can gather to watch the videos or have a meeting or take part in training.

         2. Building community cohesion though programs and events at the museum and community hall - some social and fun . . .others based on training and learning about our local area. The museum is a place for visitors and community alike to come and be welcome.

         3. Raise funds and support volunteerism through a wide range of options and opportunities. The museum has enough projects that are designed to include all ages and interests, with the combination of volunteers feeling useful and appreciated and events to raise funds.

         4. Host events including but not limited to the following:

                  - Car Show and Shine
                  - School Tours
                  - Museum events
                  - Story telling nights
                  - Fundraisers

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