Meacham Online Payments

Pay Village of Meacham with Telpay Online payment service. Save on postage, envelopes and cheque costs.

How does it work?

Sign up for an account and register your banking information to withdraw the funds from with Telpay Online.

The following are instructions on how to create an account for Telpay Online to pay Village of Meacham:

1.Sign Up at

» Complete all required fields in "Company and Contact Information" and "Payment Details"

» Enter 0087586 for Telpay Biller Code.

Account numbers will be first four letters of last name, followed by first three letters of first name, followed by either a T for tax account, a U for utility account or a G for general account.

» Confirm and Activate your account.

2. Make your first payment

Complete required payment details in "Biller information" and "Payment instructions".
» Telpay Biller Code: 0087586

» Customer Account Number: use your 9 digit account number

» Enter payment amount and choose payment date*

» Confirm and accept payment details

3. Confirm your payment method

» Enter the bank account that Telpay should debit your payment from

» Review and agree to Customer Agreement

» For verification purposes, email a copy of a void cheque, a past utility bill and signed authorization form to or by fax at 866-396-2548**

*Please allow 3 business days for your payment to be applied to your Village of Meacham.
**First payment cannot be processed until we receive a copy of your void cheque and signed authorization form.

Village of Meacham

Pay Village of Meacham Telpay payment service instructions: